Go Nexus Framework

Cloud first development framework

Go Nexus Framework

The Go Nexus Framework (or go-nexus) is an open source cloud first development framework written in the go programming language. It is intended to provide a standardized collection of libraries that allow developers to quickly and easily create advanced cloud first distributed applications.

Go-Nexus Community

Go Nexus Community

We've also created a community website with documentation and tutorials for the Go Nexus Framework. Please visit us on the Go-Nexus Community site to learn, follow or contribute to go-nexus!

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Get it on GitHub

Go Nexus on GitHub

The Go Nexus Framework is comprised of a collection of repositories all of which are hosted on github. To understand better how to leverage these repositories please see the Go Nexus Community website. We welcome all to freely use and to contribute changes to the project!

Go Nexus on GitHub
Custom Development

Custom built go-nexus solutions

Digivance Technologies offers custom built solutions using the Go Nexus Framework. Please contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help your systems get started with the Go Nexus Framework!

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