Cloud Hosting Services

We are currently working to build our back end integrations to top tier cloud hosting providers Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and building out our own data centers. All of this to provide best in class cloud hosting infrastructure, services and systems for you our users.

Cloud Hosting

Learn about our powerful and scalable cloud hosting options

App Engine

Hosted Applications

Host your application on Azure, Google, Amazon or the Digivance Cloud. Highly performant and scalable infrastructure to run your apps and websites.

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Kubernetes Clusters

Load Balanced Compute Power

Leverage Kubernetes clusters in the cloud to host your high throughput applications and services. Maximize ROI with dynamic scaling.

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Virtual Servers

Full root control

Quickly and easily spin up virtual servers to manage your own cloud based infrastructure. Choose or bring your own provider such as Azure, GCP or AWS!

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Cloud Development Services

Digivance Technologies offers development and consultation services. Put our over 20 years of experience to work on your projects. We advise and develop following modern cloud first practices ensuring maximum return on investment through performance, reliability and scalability.

We are multiple full stack developers with experience of every aspect of application development. Our experiences from server side web applications to advanced microservice platform architecture allows us to develop top tier applications and platforms for our clients.

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