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A small, dedicated and highly skilled team

What we do:

Digivance Technologies is a small start up organization focused on providing modern cloud first products and services. Our primary goal is to help businesses and developers alike in leveraging cloud computing more effectively.

We believe strongly in collaborative and responsive workflows and strive to design our solutions to promote and support industry best practices for agile devops. Our products and services allow users to be more productive with less effort through simple intuitive and domain driven solutions (e.g. software built specifically to support particular line of business operations).

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Digivance Technologies:
1 Digital Parkway
Cleveland OH, 44129
(216) 352-3690

Powerful & Open Collaboration

Powerful & Open Collaboration is a core mantra at Digivance Technologies. We believe in the potential of all teams, big or small to disrupt, innovate and improve the world through technology. These beliefs drive us to provide advanced systems that unleash the full performance, productivity and efficiency of not only the modern cloud infrastructure it runs on but the users as well.

Digivance implements solutions through consultation and domain driven design practices while following and promoting agile devops workflows. This means that we communicate with our users and learn their business / use cases such that we can provide more intuitive systems. We hold a firm belief that if software isn't easily usable it simply doesn't work.

Our Cloud First Mission:

We are strong advocates of cloud first development approaches to solving common problems and inefficiencies. We believe in revitalizing legacy physical and software systems through intuitive modern that is completely reborn in the cloud. More information on our cloud first development approach and recommendations is coming soon, please stay tuned.

Modern Technologies, Modern Design

All of our solutions are designed fresh and reinvisioned to leverage powerful modern distributed computing power provided by cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Our solutions integrate with many commonly used existing platforms such as Office 365 or G-Suite through our deep, and often certified understanding & experience with the platforms. This allows us to create tightly integrated and natively intuitive "add on" functionality.

We strive to keep current with both the common, and the modern advanced coding languages, practices and libraries. This allows us to develop very lightweight and powerful solutions. In utilizing more modern programming languages and libraries we empower our solutions to leverage hardware more effectively. In using modern librarie and API's we mitigate many points of failure and performance robbing bottlenecks.

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