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At our core, Digivance is dedicated to increasing and streamlining colloboration. We strive to do this by specializing on the following services.

Managed Cloud Hosting:

Ready to take your current line of business application to the cloud? We can help!

Virtual Application Architect:

Ready to implement advanced logging and analytics to your application? We can help!

Indev World:

Ready to make your app more responsive and scalable? We can help!

DevOps & Collaboration

The best development happens with well defined operations and collaboration.

Current Project Status

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Consulting & Development Services

Our Mission

Our mission at Digivance Technologies is to help improve technology through ongoing modernization. We believe that there are many sectors of business that could benefit greatly from leveraging more modern technologies and platforms. It is our mission to help empower developers to obtain these goals through the products and services that we offer.

Our Methodology

Digivance strives to continue learning, mastering and implementing modern technologies and practices. It is part of our belief that keeping current with libraries and platforms that follow modern standards is the most effective way to produce stable and highly performant applications & services.


We use a variety of coding languages, libraries and tools here at Digivance. Here is a list of the most common technologies we use:
.NET Core
The .NET Core is Microsoft's newer application development framework
.NET Framework
The .NET Framework is Microsoft's common application development framework
Bootstrap is a responsive library built on CSS and Javascript
CSS 3 is the styling language of web interfaces
Golang is an open source programming language developed by Google
HTML 5 is the structural language of the web and is used to construct user interfaces
Javascript / ES7
Javascript and it's ES7 variant are used to develop client side functionality
jQuery is a client side functionality library used to improve interface functionality
MySQL is an Oracle's open source relational database management server
NodeJS is an open source application framework that runs Javascript code
Powershell is an operating system level scripting language from Microsoft
SQL Server
SQL Server is Microsoft's relational database management server


We develop on, and integrate with a number of popular platforms such as:

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